1. Making Up

From the recording Kédence

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Currently a featured artist on the Song Culture record-label – Kédence has truly arrived and she’s ready to take hold of her moment with this empowering, uplifting anthem of personal-courage and love that she’s created with “Making Up.” People are going to respond to this song in countless ways…that’s just the facts; whether it’s the vibrant-yet-subtle electro-beat, the words or the way that Kédence sings them – there’s truly a lot for music-fans to like here. She had me at the beginning personally – I love the intro of “Making Up” with Kédence singing just with the piano and atmosphere surrounding her…and that’s honestly when things clicked for me between the relationship in her name and her style. Kédence uses exceptional tone, inflection, control and emotion in singing this song…you can absolutely hear the professional in this singer/songwriter, without question. Review by JER@SBS - Sleeping Bag Studios
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