Ascent Vol . 1

There are a few ways a singer can execute this song. The production can range from R&B to country. With mindful lyrics that can be interpreted in a few ways, but only the songwriter knows the inspiration for this song.  
After several attempts to determine a genre, the song was shelved. With the help of pianist Ryan McCarthy and Multi-Instrumentalist producer Zack Dare the song blossomed to become just what it is; singer-songwriter. With a desolate if not mournful tone, the moody song and the singer take risks that allows this piece to stand on it's own.  

Copyright: ℗ Song Culture, Llc Zafira, Zack Dare, Ryan McCarthy

Zafira is a seasoned professional singer for hire. She has professional vocal, songwriting and wide range of recording experience.

"Hey There"  was such a fun project. It was written for fun. How about a pop R&B song with a country backdrop? Fun! Have you ever met a guy (or girl) with so much confidence, that you find it both annoying as well as intriguing?  He's not right for you but...That's what this song is about. Vocals by Zafira featuring Kédence at the bridge. 

Copyright: ℗ Song Culture, Llc © Zafira, Kelley Rankins

This song is a combination of very laid back vocals performed by Zafira with throwback beats stabs and hooks. The bridge features lyrics and a rap bridge  from the up and coming rapper KINGRYTHEFIRST. 

Copyright: ℗ Song Culture, Llc © Zafira, Kelley Rankins, Ryan Alan Spencer

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